No More Medical Tyranny Say Protesters; We're Taking Back Our Freedom

Thousands of Freedom Fighters gathered in London yesterday to protest the medical tyranny being perpetrated on the British people.

The protesters also congregated outside the Australian Embassy to chant "SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU.." in solidarity with the Australian people who have been subjected to arguably the most draconian lockdowns in the world.

The protesters know that the next few weeks are likely to prove to be our final opportunity to create for our children and grandchildren, a lifestyle enjoying the benefits we have enjoyed, of the freedom to go where we like, with whom we like, have control over our own bodies, investigate true or false for ourselves, and to say what we think.

Again ignored or vilified by the mainstream media, those that are resisting unpresidented medical tyranny are legion, and they are strong, and getting stronger every day as more and more are red-pilled and see exactly what is happening in the name of 'health'.

"Giving children this experimental Jab is child abuse" said more than one protester, whilst another thanked medical staff who spoke up against the medical tyranny, saying:

"THANK YOU to all the DOCTORS and MEDICS who have the courage and medical ethics


Protesters shouted "SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU.." in solidarity with the Australian people.