No JAB No VOTE to be UK Law as Government Adopt French Example

But it's definitely not a way of neutralising critics

The UK Government are to adopt the French plan for banning their critics from voting in the next election.

President Emmanuel Macron government’s vaccination passport law, currently being rushed through the French National Assembly, will mandate proof of vaccination to vote, effectively banning his enemies from voting him out of office. Macron’s draconian new law will also demand those without such passports be excluded from restaurants, trains, workplaces and even hospitals except in emergencies will also include a rule that mandates only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to vote in future elections.

Downing Street is said to be considering an identical law that would ban the unvaccinated from being able to vote in any future general elections in the UK. In what has already been described as 'the most sinister development yet' Freedom campaigners have pointed out that the law would "conveniently exclude the votes of political opponents" .

The law is expected to be implemented in September, when vaccine passports will be mandatory for virtually all social settings and ahead of more lockdowns. As the UK general election is at least two years away it is likely to go unchallenged, but will effectively ensure that the current government can never be voted out of power by their opponents.

We have gone from a free and democratic society to a tyrannical China style one-party state in just 18 months. Incredibly, it has been incredibly simple to achieve too. Create a story that a new killer virus has emerged and everything you do from there on in can be explained as protecting the people, including banning descentors from having the vote. It is nothing short of brilliant in its simplicity. What's more, 18 months of brainwashing has meant that this new law, however sinister, however discriminatory, however evil, will be supported by the vast majority who see the unvaccinated in the same way that the Germans viewed the Jews in the 1930s.

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