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No Case for Granting Privileges to Vaccinated as Jabs Do NOT Prevent Infection Say Experts

Got double jabbed because you thought you'd get your freedom back? How's that working out for you?

Boris Johnson has been keen on the SAGE idea of a Vaccine apartheid society with the fully vaccinated given back most, if not all, their freedoms, whilst unvaccinated will effectively remain under restrictions until they 'choose' freedom and get the jab. Creating a two-tier society where freedoms and opportunities are contingent on whether or not you have received an experimental vaccine and imparted that info to strangers, has been one of the most outrageous plans to ever be foisted on the British people, and now the evidence is growing that the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission, in fact the data is becoming overwhelming, so the case for this new medical apartheid falls apart.

One of the major selling points of the vaccine, was that you should take it to 'protect others', but this is at odds with the facts, which is that none of the vaccines protect against contracting the virus or infecting others with it, according to scientific study after scientific study. This probably has something to do with false positive tests driving the pandemic, now as it turns out, the vaccines don't stop these cases, but then they wouldn't as the vast majority aren't Covid-19, they are flu, common colds, pneumonia, Coca Cola, Orange Juice and any number of random other things. But if they've shot themselves in the foot over this, tough shit.

Countries all around the world are reporting cases are still going up, and are featuring in people who have been double vaccinated. Israel, has been particularly freeked by this development, they vaccinated the population faster than any other country on earth, and thought it was 'job done' opening up their society soon after they'd reached what they thought was herd immunity. But cases are still rising, so much so that they had to perform a spectacular U-Turn and reimpose lockdowns. The penny perhaps hasn't dropped that there's no link between Vaccine and Cases, because the cases can't and don't detect Covid.

That is the trouble with a lie, you have to tell another two in order to cover the first one. So it is with cases; it had been very convenient for the experts to point at the mass of rubbish they were getting as evidence of the pandemic, now however, that has become the 'accepted' measure of the pandemic, and there is no way that they can retract the fraud. Which leaves them with a problem, Vaccinated people are still testing positive, meaning as a prophylactic the vaccine is useless, and all those millions who rushed to have it because they thought they'd get their freedoms back are no better off than those who didn't have it.

Johnson has a problem on his hands now, the government's own data doesn't support giving Vaccinated people any special treatment whatsoever. Expect SAGE to be busily creating a new narrative that can explain this one away, after all they have got lying down to a fine art.

See the world as it really is

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