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Nigerian Man 'Saved' from Deportation by Left-Wing Mob is Convicted Rapist

Left-wing activists shout 'f***ing amazing' as violent rapist is released back into the community.

A group of over 100 left-wing activists prevented a convicted rapist from being deported yesterday, the man is now back in the community where he committed his last violent attack.

UK Immigration officers attempting to arrest the suspect were forced into retreat after being confronted by a crowd of Londoners shouting 'let him go'. Protestors surrounded the Immigration Enforcement van and fought with police to get the man released.

Police were called in to support the Home Office officials but, astonishingly, the police didn't help the immigration officers carry out their duty, but quickly bowed to mob rule and had the man released. The group surrounding the van are heard to chant 'let him go', 'let him go' and cheered when he was released with one in the crowd shouting 'amazing'.

The man has been reported by the media as an overstayer, but Vision News has learned that, the man is Olaoluwa Ibrahim who was convicted of a violent rape in 2015 and sentenced to eight years before he was to be deported.

Olaoluwa Ibrahim, of Relf Road in Peckham, forced his victim into a driveway, pushed her to the floor and raped her in the early hours of June 24 2014. The victim had been on a night out with friends and had just got off a bus in Maida Vail at around 2.30am when Ibrahim approached her from behind.

He tried to talk to her but when she ignored him and walked away he grabbed her, raped her and stole her mobile phone. The police were able to trace Ibrahim through tracking the usage of the stolen phone. Ibrahim originally denied having sex with the victim, but when his DNA was found on her clothing he changed his story and claimed they had had consensual sex.

The traumatised victim, who has since moved to Australia, was allowed to give evidence via video link before Ibrahim was found guilty. On passing sentence the judge ruled the 38-year-old would be deported back to Nigeria once he has served his prison sentence.

Activists 'overruled' that judgement, getting Ibrahim released yesterday back into the very community where he committed the rape.

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