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NHS All But Caused the Public Health Emergency They're Now Warning Will Kill Thousands this Winter

The NHS are no friends of the poor.

by Darren Birks

NHS management have issued a statement saying that the cost of living crisis could spark a "public health emergency" and lead to a rise in excess winter deaths unless the government takes action to help people with rising energy bills. Surging prices mean people will have to choose between skipping meals to heat their homes or living in poor conditions, the NHS Confederation said in a letter to ministers.

Perhaps it's another side effect of the vaccine, but the NHS appear to have collective memory-loss about what they've done over the last two years. Someone needs to remind them that the cost of living crisis we now all face is a direct result of the country being cajoled into 'saving the NHS'. Lockdowns, and a wanton destruction of the economy, were all done to supposedly save them.

The NHS bosses now bleating about the cost of living crisis were the very same NHS bosses who lobbied government to continue lockdowns and suggested that opening up the economy would be a disaster. They are the same NHS bosses who demanded that their staff got a 30% pay-rise across the board, and the same NHS bosses who encouraged the Government to spend £360 Billion to prop them up.

NHS bosses have gone 'full-retard' for climate change.

NHS bosses have also been lobbying government to implement the suicidal Net Zero policy. In between pushing for the entire country’s economy be sacrificed to save them, NHS bosses have been going full-retard on climate change and still are.

As recently as last month NHS confederation reported that Climate Change was a "Health Emergency" stating: "The NHS net zero strategy marks an important point in the relationship between the health sector and the environment and sets the ambition for the NHS to become the world’s first net zero national health service."

NHS England have a project called 'Healthy Planet Healthier People' where it maintains that the burning of fossil fuels must end to avoid an irreversible climate catastrophe and claims that people consider climate change to be as big a threat to their own health as accidents/injuries and mental health problems.

The NHS are no friend of the poor.

Net Zero means huge energy bills. Net Zero demands that cheap energy supplies are stopped. Britain has billions of litres of gas and oil right under our feet, but we've been ordered to leave it in the ground 'because of the climate'.

If the NHS really wanted to save thousands from dying of cold this winter they should be lobbying government to dig it up and use it, end of.

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