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NEWS Critical to TRUDEAU BLOCKED as Online 'Safety' Bill Goes Live

Canada's Bill now blocks dozens of news sites that don't publish 'the message'.

Justin Trudeau's censorship bill (C-18 / 44-1) that effectively bans any articles criticizing him or his regime has now gone live with Canadians reporting that Google are now blocking them from viewing content from news sources critical to the government.

Google, has begun trialing censorship software in response to the federal government's passage of the Online News Act, C-18. The test affects four percent of users on Google's search engine and Discover app on Android devices at present but is expected to extend to all platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram very shortly.

The parliament act is described by the government as: An Act respecting online communications platforms that make news content available to persons in Canada. The Bill is said to be in response to the Trucker's Protests of 2021, and is claimed to be part of an 'online safety' campaign needed to 'keep the Canadian people safe'.

However, opponents of the bill have pointed out that it is only independent and right-of-centre News sites that have been affected, with the likes of Rebel News and True North now blocked entirely.

Canadian people will no longer be able to view Canadian news, from Canadian media in Canada if it's critical of Justin Trudeau. He has effectively taken charge of the internet in Canada, making free speech, or political debate impossible. Anything that remains, via social media for instance, will be labelled 'misinformation' and also be blocked, meaning that 'the message' remains the only source of news.

Justin Trudeau used the Emergency Powers Act to initially silence opposition. Not only did the organisers of the Convoy Protest have sanctions issued against them, but even some who supported them had social media, payment apps, and even bank accounts frozen all whilst Trudeau maintained that the measures were to keep Canadian people safe.

Trudeau's government then began targeting political opponents, social media accounts and News outlets that were critical of the totalitarian, with a number of bills quickly being created that seemingly improved online safety but actually is merely censorship of Trudeau opponents.


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