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New Video Doorbell Scans Facebook for Facial Match and Personal Data

And shares the information with authorities to 'prevent crime'.

A new video doorbell by Irvinei, claimed to be for home security, has AI technology that trawls social media to identify the person at your door.

The new technology was unveiled this week and has already lead to privacy and freedom campaigners saying that the product raises significant questions around privacy.

Irvinei created the 'smart doorbell' by melding artificial intelligence (AI) and pattern recognition to create what it describes as a 'sophisticated home security solution' but what everyone else is describing as a 'dystopian nightmare' made real.

While the stylish 7.5″ full-touch-screen IPS display of the Irvinei Smart Door Bell promises to 'revolutionize traditional doorbell systems', it poses huge privacy concerns. The feature-laden device boasts of fingerprint and facial recognition, an 8MP camera offering round-the-clock streaming and night vision, along with AI-powered edge lighting. The sheer amount of personal data gathered by these advanced functionalities is shocking.

The system checks billions of photos on Facebook; Instagram and Twitter for a match to the person at your front door using facial recognition technology and can find your FB profile within milliseconds.

Irvinei’s Visitor Log feature, which logs exhaustive details about arrivals and departures, may seem useful on the surface. Leveraging images from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to inform homeowners about their visitors will appeal to some, but, such extensive data gathering infringes on the visitors’ privacy.

The system also provides alerts on potential threats, such as alleged stalkers or ex-spouses, based on its ‘unwanted person’ alert feature. While this can be seen as an added layer of security, the repercussions of false positives is a real danger.

Even more concerning is that Irvinei is reportedly extending its reach beyond individual homes, with moves to give authorities access to the facial recognition technology of your Doorbell.

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