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New Plans To Criminalise Anti-Vaxxers Surface Same Week As Vaccination Announced

Large sections of the scientific and cultural establishment want to criminalise anyone who dissents from what they call 'the facts of vaccination'. A recently published rapid review on Covid-19 Vaccine Deployment demands that the public be "inoculated against misinformation". The Royal Society together with The British Academy are pushing for any decent about the vaccination to be made a criminal offence. What is more, they want the public to report 'offenders'.

This call to 'police discussion' around the issue of vaccination, and to criminalise anti-vaxx agitation, is a huge attack on all our rights to free speech, and our capacity to make choices around our own lives and personal responsibilities.

The public is entitled to debate the vaccine issue. If they have concerns about the speed in which it is being developed, about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, or even that pharmaceutical giants stand to make billions of dollars from it, then they should be allowed to air their concerns in a free country, but, if the Royal Society have their way, all of this will be a crime.

We have already reported that the Government are considering punitive measures for anyone not willing to have the vaccine; including preventing anyone from travel; banning them from working in the public sector; withholding or reduction in benefits for anyone claiming universal credit, and withholding education from unvaccinated children. These measures, together with the criminalisation of anyone who speaks out against them, would force millions of people into having the vaccine against their will, or better judgement.

Such Orwellian laws, only 12 months ago, would have seemed unthinkable, but the government are now seeing just how far they can go. And, it would seem, no law in too draconian, no rule too ridiculous, no diktat too outrageous for vast swathes of the British public.

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