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New FLU Jabs will use SPIKE PROTEIN Technology After "Stunningly Successful" Covid-19 Vaccine

The mRNA technology, that was entirely shelved before the emergence of Covid-19, is now set to be used in a host of new pharmaceutical products including flu vaccines and cancer drugs.

An international team of researchers has used mRNA technology to develop an influenza 'vaccine' that reportedly targets four proteins that change little across viral strains. In their paper published in National Academy of Sciences, the team describes their approach to developing a 'new kind of flu vaccine' using the same spike protein technology used in the Covid vaccines and how well it has worked in mice.

The researchers claim that because the two main types of flu strains (A&B) 'adapt' so quickly to normal vaccines, new ones have to be developed every year. This approach is not only expensive, but also hit-and-miss—the medical community sometimes encounters a surprise variant that their newly created vaccine cannot fight. Because of that, medical researchers have been looking for a "better alternative".

The researchers, who are funded by Pfizer, say they are building on "lessons learned from the pandemic". The two main vaccines released for COVID-19 are based on messenger RNA technology (mRNA), a technology that had been shelved since 2009 due to having performed so badly in five years of trials, but suddenly became the miracle cure for a mild flu virus that most people didn't even know they had. The technology is claimed to protect people from respiratory diseases by administering the toxic piece of a theoretical virus's genetic code which, it is claimed, prompts the immune system to produce an immune response to the viruses should they appear.

Impressive lies

To develop a similar type of vaccine for influenza, the researchers state they used multiple bits of genetic code to get the body to produce antigens for matrix protein 2, the stalk part of hemagglutinin, nucleoprotein and neuraminidase. All sounds very impressive, except that the Covid-19 vaccines, using this very same technology don't work, the need for 5 of them in one 12 month period is proof beyond doubt that they are totally ineffective, but worse still Covid Jabs have been estimated to have already killed over half a million people around the world and maimed millions more.

mRNA Cancer Vaccines

But Spike Proteins in pharmaceutical products don't end with Covid and Flu. Pharmaceutical companies are hailing them as the new wonder drug that can cure almost anything, including cancer. The NIH report that they are likely to be used in the treatment of cancer. In an article published on the NIH website they claim:

"The coronavirus pandemic has thrown a spotlight on messenger RNA (mRNA)—the molecule that carries a cell’s instructions for making proteins. Hundreds of millions of people worldwideExit Disclaimer have received mRNA vaccines that provide powerful protection against severe COVID-19 caused by infection with SARS-CoV-2.

"As stunningly successful as the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have been, researchers have long hoped to use mRNA vaccines for a very different purpose—to treat cancer. mRNA-based cancer treatment vaccines have been tested in small trials for nearly a decade, with some promising early results. "In fact, scientists at both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna drew on their experience developing mRNA cancer vaccines to create their coronavirus vaccines. Now, some investigators believe the success of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines could help accelerate clinical research on mRNA vaccines to treat cancer."


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