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'Mission Accomplished' Soros Foundation to End EU Operations After Successfully Destabilising Europe

Flooding Europe with over 23 million migrants seen by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations as 'mission accomplished'.

The foundation, which is now controlled by his son Alexander Soros, has announced to staff that it will soon cease its EU operations after it's decade-long plan to flood the EU with migrants successfully destroyed much of Europe's economy and stability.

Internally, the Soros foundation believe it's mission accomplished as over 2.3 million migrants flood into Europe every year. The Foundation has spent over a decade funding NGOs to ferry migrants to Europe with the express purpose of destabilising the economies of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, and Scandinavia. Those countries are now mostly on fire, as the previously stable societies descend into chaos and violence.

Alexander Soros say the move, which comes after foundation-funded NGOs ferried migrants to Europe for over a decade, comes after the $25 billion family foundation announced a headcount reduction of at least 40% following Alexander’s ascent.

There are now 23.8 million non-EU citizens in the EU, said to be almost entirely the result of George Soros'. 2.3 million migrants entered the EU from non-EU countries in 2021 alone, with the figure rising around 18% each year. Figures from Eurostat.

An email to trustees of the foundation stated: “Ultimately, the new approved strategic direction provides for withdrawal and termination of large parts of our current work within the European Union, shifting our focus and allocation of resources to other parts of the world,”

OSF will largely terminate funding within the European Union, and further funding will be extremely limited,” it reads, without elaborating, except to say that the organization is pivoting because “EU institutions and governments were already allocating significant resources to human rights, freedom and pluralism” inside the bloc.

Bloomberg, another 'impartial' news site that has secretly received millions from Soros, states: "OSF financed a wide range of philanthropic programs in the bloc’s eastern former communist members, including Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and elsewhere. They included initiatives aimed at strengthening democracy, promoting human rights and alleviating the poverty and discrimination faced by the Roma minority."

It also funds projects in non-EU European countries such as in the Balkans and further afield in central Asia.

The organization based its European headquarters in Budapest until 2018, when it moved to Berlin following a years-long campaign against Soros and the OSF’s liberal values by nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government in Hungary. It also has offices in Barcelona, Brussels and Belgium. -Bloomberg



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