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Met 'Selective Police' if Lawbreakers Share Their Views

Britain’s top officer, Cressida Dick, has said police 'feared there would be violence if they tried to intervene with protesters in London' yesterday. Demonstrators in Hyde Park and 10 Downing Street flouted coronavirus lockdown rules on how many people can gather together meaning laws were selectively applied, proving again that there is a state of 'selective policing' dependant on your political views in the United Kingdom right now.

The Metropolitan police commissioner, said that with "feelings running high over the police brutality case in the US, and because of the effects of the coronavirus lockdown, officers feared serious and violent disorder if they stepped in to enforce lockdown rules." This is the same police force who were issuing fines for people buying beer and chocolate two weeks ago, now, when real and serious events are happening, the Police suddenly behave like eunuchs.

Speaking to the London assembly, Dick said people should put themselves “in the shoes of a Public Order Commander” so let's do just that; Cressida Dick's shoes in particular: Here is a known Common Purpose 'graduate' who has repeatedly made decisions based on that organisations brain-washed 'progressive agenda' rather than apply the laws of the land evenly and without fear or favour. But, see thousands of virtue-signalling leftists, whose politics you agree with, flouting laws in their thousands and turn a blind eye to that lawlessness. Because it's your kind of lawlessness. Remember the Common Purpose motto: "Lead beyond authority"

Even if you accepted her suggestion that she feared there would be violence this is no excuse not to carry out her duties and uphold the law. If anything, the fear of violence is all the more reason to apply it. Picking and choosing which laws you apply is unacceptable. Social distancing either is so important that it is mandated in law, or it isn't important at all.

It's not for Dick and her Progressive chums to decide. We have been repeatedly told that we must abide by these rules, and that the police were given sweeping new powers to uphold them, we weren't told that it was perfectly ok to break them if you were virtue-signalling for an imagined cause in another country.

The Common Purpose candidate added: “I recognise, also, feelings are running higher in London.” She also joined a denunciation of the police assault on Floyd even though no court case has been held, and nobody as yet has been convicted. The motives for the killing have not even been established. For all Dick, or anyone else, knows the death of George Floyd may well have been caused by incompetence and nothing to do with racism,. but to Dick, and millions of others around the world 'trial by mob' is perfectly acceptable. We expect that from keyboard warriors on social media, we don't expect it from the most senior police officer in the country.

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