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Mass Surveillance Britain: Millions of Sinister Looking Cameras Secretly Installed in Recent Months

It looks like a street lamp in a leafy London road, but this is actually a Chinese-made facial recognition camera - one of millions quietly installed across Britain in recent months.

Whilst the country has been distracted by faux wars and huge energy bills, authorities have begun to install millions of new high-tech cameras that enable 'total coverage' of facial recognition technology.

The Cameras, made by a chinese-state affiliated company have been installed in dozens of cities across the country, equipped with facial recognition technology identical to those used in totalitarian regimes.

A sign beneath them says that they are there ‘to prevent crime and promote public safety’, but the extra security comes at a high cost, to which most of the public are oblivious.

Made by Dahua, a Chinese state-affiliated company, they are equipped with the same facial recognition software so favoured by Beijing as a means of monitoring and controlling the population.

The company has also been implicated in human rights abuses conducted by the Chinese government, with the facial recognition capabilities of its cameras used to pick out in crowds anyone with the distinctive features of a Uyghur Muslim — a persecuted ethnic minority in China — to alert police so the individuals can be rounded up.

This is a feature that Dahua calls, rather chillingly, ‘Real Time Uyghur Warnings’. Only last week, the extent of China’s human rights atrocities against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang Province were laid bare in a UN report, which found that there was ‘credible evidence’ of torture, possibly amounting to ‘crimes against humanity’.

Authorities have become enamored with China's way of controlling its people, during the supposed Covid outbreak health officials used the Chinese model of virus containment; assume everyone is guilty of spreading the virus and lock them up; whilst a UK social-credit system being planned also resembles the Chinese state model.

The facial recognition cameras have sprung up right across London with more than half of the 32 boroughs in London now using the surveillance systems created by China. Wandsworth Council and its near neighbour, Richmond, entered into their £1.3 million, five-year contract with Dahua for 900 of these total surveillance cameras in 2020 whilst the world was looking the other way.

Wandsworth and Richmond councils claimed earlier this year that the cameras’ facial recognition technology is not enabled and would not be used ‘at this point’.

But as facial recognition becomes the norm — the Metropolitan Police is already trialling it on central London streets — this could change overnight.

The devices are just the latest additions to a growing system of increasingly intrusive snooping on the UK population which is emulating China’s Big Brother approach, and being facilitated by it, too.

Tens of millions of people scanned every minute of every day is now the reality in Britain, all without their knowledge or consent. It is what Authorities intend to do with that new power that concerns some, and should concern you too.


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