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Mass Protest Against Oxford 15 Minute City 'First of Many' as Other Cities Reveal Same Lockdown Plan

Oxford saw 20,000 freedom campaigners march through their streets.

Yesterday Oxford welcomed people from all over the UK and from different sides of the political spectrum, united in one cause, to stop the 15 Minute City plan.

Oxfordshire County Council have doubled-down on the lie that they are merely planning six traffic filters and that anyone objecting to these are right-wing conspiracy theorists. The local paper, the Oxford Mail, have also promoted this lie. On the day of the protest they published an attack on those attending, implying they were fascists.

Council Claim of "just some traffic filters" vs what they are imposing In Oxford.

Local Councillors responsible for the plans; Duncan Enright, Liz Leffman, and Andrew Gant were invited to speak at the rally, but failed to attend.

Independent studies calculated over 20,000 attended the march. Despite accusations by the mainstream media, the protest was entirely peaceful, and not attended by neo-nazis, just worried residents rejecting the devastating plan. The peace was only shattered by half a dozen Antifa supporters who believed the local papers lie that fascists are interested in traffic filters and would be attending. The police held the youths back whilst the march passed by.

Antifa thought Fascists would be at a protest about traffic control

The BBC climate change correspondent pushed the myth that it was "just six traffic filters"


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