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Lockdown Will Destroy Many More Lives Than it Saves Says New Study

A major new study has found that the “stay at home” lockdown order in the United States will destroy at least seven times more years of human life.

A new study finds that stress and anxiety caused by the lockdown, including devastation from by job losses, is likely to cause a huge rise in serious health problems that will have a far greater overall toll on human life than the number of lives saved by the lockdown.

“Based on a broad array of scientific data, Just Facts has calculated that the anxiety created by reactions to Covid-19—such as stay-at-home orders, business shutdowns, media exaggerations, and legitimate concerns about the virus—will destroy at least seven times more years of human life than can possibly be saved by lockdowns to control the disease spread. This figure is considered a conservative estimate, and the actual one is likely more much greater.”

Research shows that at least 16.8% of adults in the United States have suffered “major mental harm from responses to Covid-19.” We have already seen suicide rates sore, and are continuing to rise during this time. Extrapolating these numbers out, the figures show that “anxiety from responses to Covid-19 has impacted 42,873,663 adults and will rob them of an average of 1.3 years of life, thus destroying 55.7 million years of life.”

This contrasts with “a maximum of 616,590 lives (which) might be saved by the current lockdowns, and the disease robs an average of 12 years of life from each of its victims, which means that the current lockdowns can save no more than 7.4 million years of life.”

The seven times figure is a massively conservative estimate which minimizes the impact of the negative consequences of lockdown and maximises the number of lives affected by lockdown. “Under the more moderate scenarios…anxiety will destroy more than 90 times the life saved by lockdowns,” the study concludes.

The study lists a number of reasons why the lockdown has increased anxiety and depression, one of which includes the media’s role in exaggerating the deadliness of COVID-19 and “using false denominators that exaggerate its death rate.”

“This research is engaging and thoroughly answers the question about the cure being worse than the disease,” concluded Joseph P. Damore, Jr., M.D., who reviewed the study.

This follows a Psychiatrists reporting that they'd written 86% more prescriptions for psychotropic drugs, including antidepressants, during the lockdown months of March and April compared to January and February.

When governments listened to 'the science' they only listened to the predictions of epidemiologists and failed to fully explore the psychological and societal costs of a lockdown. This error is likely to cost us all dearly, not just in economic terms, but in the psychological well being of an entire nation.

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