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Leftwing Journalist Says George Orwell "Helped The Nazis" And Was A "Total Fraud"

But wait until you see his reasoning.

He's been dead for 70 years, but George Orwell may become the latest public figure to be cancelled after a leftwing journalist called him a “vile man” who "aided the Nazis with his strident criticism of Stalinist Russia."

“In addition to being a gov snitch, fraud George Orwell spent WWII demonising the USSR as it defeated Nazism,” tweeted Ben Norman. “As the Red Army sacrificed millions fighting Hitler, and as the Nazi regime shoved Jews into gas chambers, Orwell was writing Animal Farm. Vile man,” he added.

Norton followed up by denouncing the 1984 author as a “reactionary who hated communists more than fascists” before claiming Orwell “didn’t actually believe in free speech. He wanted to take away the free speech of communists. Orwell was a total fraud.”

Respondents pointed out that criticising Stalinism, which killed multiple times more people than Nazism, doesn’t make one a fascist enabler. This sort of binary argument passes as intellectual analysis these days, with the likes of Norton unable, or unwilling to see the bigger picture.

“Orwell cancelled. Stop reading Orwell everybody. There is nothing you are allowed to learn from his books. Ben says,” tweeted Ryan McGoverne

Norman was also accused of historical inaccuracies with one Twitter commentator saying:

“To believe this is to be completely ignorant of the history of WWII,” remarked one Twitter user. “Stalin was completely fine with everything Hitler was doing up until the Germans invasion of USSR in 1941. Also the Red Army was not alone in defeating the Nazis.”

But this is by no means the first time that Orwell has been attacked by the left because of his astute observations on Communism and how he warned us of its consequences. Will Self, another smug, leftwing writer who confuses his own opinion with fact, said of Orwell that he was a "Supreme Mediocrity", slamming the "obvious didacticism" of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four, and describing Orwell's acclaimed essay on Politics and the English Language as "plain wrong".

But then Will Self is a c***.

The BBC have also targeted Orwell over the years, probably prompted by the fact that 'The Ministry of Truth' in Orwell's 1984 is a thinly vailed attack on the Broadcaster. In recent years, that characterisation, has become scarily accurate.

Darren Birks is the Editor of Vision News Online

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