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Laurence Fox to Launch New Political Party to Fight 'culture wars'

Actor Laurence Fox has announced his intention to create a new political party that would "fight the cultural war".

42 yr old Fox has announced his intention of launching a new political party dedicated to fighting ultra left-wing identity politics that has been so pervasive in British institutions in recent years.

Named Reclaim, Fox has already raised more than £5million in donations for the party, as well as substantial sums from former Tory donors and hopes to stand dozens of candidates across the UK! The Lewis actor says he wants to provide a movement for people who are "tired of being told that we represent the very thing we have, in history, stood together against".

Among Fox's aims for the new party are reforming the BBC and celebrating Britain's contribution to the world, according to reports in The Telegraph. The party is provisionally called Reclaim and has a website named LaurenceFoxParty. He hopes to launch the party next month subject to the Electoral Commission's approval.

His website states:

"Over many years it has become clear that our politicians have lost touch with the people they represent and govern. Moreover, our public institutions now work to an agenda beyond their main purpose."

"Our modern United Kingdom was born out of the respectful inclusion of so many individual voices. It is steeped in the innate values of families and communities, diverse in the truest sense but united in the want and need to call this island home. The people of the United Kingdom are tired of being told that we represent the very thing we have, in history, stood together against."

"We are all privileged to be the custodians of our shared heritage. We can reclaim a respectful nation where all are included and none are ashamed to have somewhere to call home."

He added: "I have been so encouraged by the support I have received by those wishing to add their voices to this reclamation of our values. 'Our country is now in desperate need of a new political movement which promises to make our future a shared endeavour, not a divisive one. This is now my endeavour."

The announcement has, inevitably, sparked the race-bating; Red-fascists who have pushed the very agenda Lawrence Fox wants to tackle, calling him

Nigel Farage has also revealed he is considering launching a new party to challenge the current lockdown measures. The Brexit Party leader heaped pressure on the Prime Minister, saying the current restrictions are a threat to freedom. He told The Times: 'We stood aside for Boris Johnson's government, now many are questioning why we bothered.'

He previously lambasted the government's measures, accusing Mr Johnson of adopting an 'authoritarian' response to the crisis.  Tweeting earlier this week: 'The PM says we are a 'freedom loving country', but will fine you £10,000 and send the army in if he likes.

'This is authoritarian – I don't believe his promises on testing or the competence of the government. We didn't vote for this.' 

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