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Khan Readies Pay-Per-Mile For After May Election

FOI request reveals that not only was it on the table, Khan had already spent £3 million pounds on the project when he denied the agenda existed.

Sadiq Khan is planning to implement pay-per-mile charging after re-election next month.

Khan has already spent £3 MILLION of taxpayers money preparing for the scheme, a plan that he has repeatedly denied was the end-game of his obscene war on the car.

The scheme dubbed ‘smart road-user charging’ in secret documents seen by the Telegraph,  will replace all the other schemes such as ultra low emission zone and congestion charging. 

Low and middle earners targeted.

The new scheme will become the central policy of Khan’s third term in office, with thousands of motorists being purposefully priced out of owning or driving a car in the capital, especially the low and middle earners.

FOI request reveals the 'conspiracy theory' is true.

Transport officials have been secretly working on a driver charging project as recently as January, even though the Mayor of London has repeatedly denied he would bring in pay-per-mile taxes, a freedom of information (FOI) request reveals.   Yet another conspiracy theory proved true. 

Mass surveillance and AI will run the scheme.

Codenamed ‘Future RUC’, the project is set to replace current London driving fees with what is described as “sophisticated technology” that bills motorists for driving in the capital.   That technology is the thousands of AI cameras that have gone up around the capital that make the Current ANPR technology obsolete.  The system is likely to include Geo-location using your mobile phone or car’s built in location software that all new cars in the UK are equipped with often unknown by the driver.

Repeated Denial

Sadiq Khan has repeatedly lied to the public and to other officials at City Hall.  On the 14th September 2023: Sadiq Khan was asked directly by Conservative Emma Best: 

Do you have plans for pay-per-mile in London by 2030?

Khan replied: 

 "I want to be crystal clear.  A pay-per-mile scheme is not on the table and not on my agenda.  I will not move the goalposts on ULEZ emission standards.  Londoners can be confident when they buy ULEZ-compliant vehicles that that will remain the case.  The decision to expand the ULEZ London-wide was a difficult one but a necessary one to save lives, protect children’s lungs and reduce the risk of developing asthma, dementia, and other health issues.  Evidence shows that clean-air zones like the ULEZ are game-changers when it comes to cutting toxic air to protect people’s health.  It is thanks in large part to the ULEZ that London’s air is set to be within legal limits in the next couple of years rather than taking 193 years without our policies, as projected by King’s College London."

Not only was it on the table, but Khan had already spent 3 million pounds on the project when he denied the agenda existed.

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