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Italy’s 'Fascist' PM Abolishes Vaccine Mandates and Reinstates 179,000 Care Workers

Just four days in office, Italy’s new ‘far-right’ Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has abolished all vaccine mandates, issued an apology on behalf of the Italian government and reinstated nearly 179,000 doctors, nurses and care workers.

Doesn't sound very fascist.

New Health Minister Orazio Schillaci announced on Friday that hospitals were suffering from an unprecedented shortage of medical personnel and that the decline of coronavirus cases should allow for a "reintegration" of penalised workers suspended under rules of the previous administration. All fines issued to people who decided against the vaccine will also be cancelled.

The previous prime minister; Mario Draghi, had made it a personal mission to make every public sector worker in Italy have at least two jabs, ordering fines for those who did not initially comply with the mandate and sackings for continued disobedience. Nearly 179,000 Italian workers refused to have the vaccine, and were ruthlessly pursued by authorities for their decision. Draghi's actions are said to be one of the key reasons for losing the election.

British Government take note.


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