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It's Started. BLM Controlled Zone Issues 'RULES FOR WHITE PEOPLE'

The murder verdict in the George Floyd case has predictably emboldened the Black Lives Matter organisation, and only hours after the verdict was announced they posted a list of ‘rules for white people’ that they have to abide by in order to enter the area they control in Minneapolis.

The Zone was forcibly seized by BLM and Antifa members with the police and State authorities withdrawing from the area. Mob rule is now effect.

Looking more bizarre every day the ‘George Floyd Autonomous Zone’ is now the location of Baptisms, 'miracles' and other spiritual events according to eye witnesses.

But entering the area if you're a white person has potential risks if you make the mistake of behaving in a “problematic” manner (like being white for instance)

The lists of demands is also bizarre. If you enter the zone as a white person you are expected to "Enter with reverence and Humility" though it doesn't tell you why on earth you should or would. It goes on to say "Remember you are here to support, not to be supported" which is something of a kick in the teeth for the white people who were living there before it was annexed by angry Black Marxists. Whites are asked to “decenter yourself,” which is a euphemism for a mandate to behave like second class citizens and keep quiet. It goes on to demand “Be mindful of whether your volume, pace and movements are supporting or undermining your efforts to decenter yourself,”

The patronising tone continues with a demand to “contribute to the energy of the space, rather than drain it.” The rules also encourage white people to 'intervene' if they witness white folks doing problematic things,” Because Marxists love nothing more than those they control informing on each other.

As we have reported previously, security experts forewarned that, whilst a not-guilty or manslaughter charge would have resulted in several US cities 'imploding' with mass riots, a Murder conviction is only likely to embolden BLM who will take advantage of the situation for further attacks on anyone they believe to be a 'justifiable target' - which appears to be all white people.

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