Is Laurence Fox Right About a Coming 'Winter of Discontent'?

This is a transcript of a speech Laurence Fox recorded last Friday for the Reclaim Party’s YouTube channel.

I WAS watching Margaret Thatcher on YouTube this morning – I’m a bit odd like that, I would have been less than six months old. But it struck me how much she said then resonates today.

She spoke of a Winter of Discontent, and last week, with grim echoes of those dark days of 1979, the lights almost went out in Britain.

We were only saved by the firing up of the old black gold-burning power stations – coal – on the back of which this country lurched to the forefront of the industrial revolution. And the fashionable hatred of which is forcing our great country into self-flagellating retreat.

It feels like we are retreating in many ways. This once free and liberal democracy is unrecognisable from the nation we left behind at the end of 2019, when in those few fear-driven weeks we lent the government our freedom, which we are yet to see return. Shops closed for ever, empty streets, illnesses caught too late, suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, all casualties of this government’s toing and froing.

Four times we were frightened and coerced back into hiding under the bed. While we were being told to protect the NHS, Covid, so deadly to the elderly, was being sent into our care homes. The staff who so bravely laboured on in such difficult circumstances will lose their jobs on November 11, Remembrance Day, if they wish to exercise their God-given right to bodily autonomy. Remembrance Day. We will remember.

And yet as the threat of the pandemic thankfully recedes, so does our government’s desire to return our precious liberty; instead it looks to reach its hands even further into our lives and choices and into the most sacred of all unions, the family.

The West is divided. With such profound change foisted upon us, a return to the optimism so many felt in 2019 seems a long way off. So much has changed. The pandemic was the catalyst, but the problems were festering long before. Our precious culture and the great heroes and heroines who epitomised and defined it lie judged in their graves, with no right to reply, by a lazy and affluent and idle generation whose carbon footprints already vastly outweigh our parents’ and their parents’ combined. Transfixed by their smartphones, reaping judgement on the world.

They are taught from the first day they enter school, in many cases, that Britain is a vile place and they are dogmatised into the self-flagellating, self-loathing hatred of the nation that one day they will have to thrive in. Offence archaeology, the end of history, judging those who come before by our own far superior values, the emergence of the incidence of skin pigmentation carrying far more weight than content of character: something that the civil rights movement were spat at and beaten for on that bridge in Selma now divides us even before.

And yet we are told by our leaders, from our own PM, what are future is going to look like, whether we like it or not, all part of that new scripture of Building Back Better.

Our Prime Minister is currently in New York with a US President fresh from making the Taliban the best-equipped army of its size on earth, leaving $80billion of the machinery of death – only $30billion shy of what the US has contributed in total military assistance to Israel since its inception in 1947.

Boris is talking about his next wonderful idea – Zero Carbon. I have a nagging mistrust of the concept of Zero anything. It smacks of ideology ahead of common sense, reason and rationality.

The incident of the emergency use of coal shows us just how fragile the basic maintenance of society can be, and how easily it is undermined when attacked by zealots from within.

California and other ideologically driven areas of the world have suffered similarly with brown-outs as a regular occurrence, as people cannot turn on their AC in 100 degree heat and the poor are forced to gather in Walmarts to stay cool. Ours is the other side of the coin. Where California needs to be cool, Britain needs to be warm.