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International Women's Days Secret Message

International Women's Day is being marked by Social Justice Warriors around the world, and ignored by everyone else.

IWD is the focal point of the women's rights movement and is celebrated on Sunday March 8th this year. Recognised by the UN in 1977 its origins date back to 1909 and the women's socialist party of America.

Since women have had all the same rights as men in western countries for decades, it has had to change its message and its intent. Since the 1980s IWD has increasingly become an obfuscated attack on men. It is now part of an ongoing war on imagined oppression with Misandrists claiming victimhood from The Patriarchy conspiracy, gender pay gaps, body shaming, sexual harassment, and Gender millionaire equity. This isn't about women's equality, it is about the hatred of men.

Other than by the Guardianister class IWD is ignored. Perhaps this is because feminism is so wildly out of touch with the majority of women’s lives today.

The notion that women are an oppressed sex in the West is nonsensical. All of the evidence points to it being men society is failing.

76% of all suicides are Men

88% of all homeless are Men

70% of homicide victims are Men

40% of domestic violence victims are Men

Working-class (white) boys do worst at school

Less men get into University

Men are the majority victims of violent crime

Men, on average, serve 64% longer prison sentences

Men are x3 more likely to be imprisoned than a woman for the same crime

Thankfully only 6% of women consider themselves third-wave feminists, the other 94% recognising this for the nonsense it is.

Darren Birks for Vision News

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