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Insulate Britain the Fake Climate Change Protesters Really Part of the Establishment

The OAP arm of Extinction Rebellion don't care about insulation and are funded by George Soros.

Insulate Britain, the OAP arm of Extinction Rebellion, appear to be anti-establishment, radical, anarchists hell-bent on forcing the establishment to act on climate change. But their message, intent and goals are exactly the same as the establishment, and you are their shared enemy.

The tabloids have had a field day with the revelation that an Insulate Britain activist is married to a director of Transport for London (TfL). Cathy Eastburn of Insulate Britain has been busy trying to bring transport to a standstill. She has been arrested four times for acts such as blocking roads and gluing her hands to a train. Meanwhile, her husband, Benedict Plowden, is in charge of ‘getting London moving after the pandemic’.

The press is finally starting to realise that Britain’s green road-blockers are drawn almost entirely, from the upper echelons of society. The rag-tag crusties of Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain might present themselves as the anarchists trying to 'wake up' and bring down the political establishment, but they are, in truth, their bedfellows. Literally, in this case.

Not every green activist is married to a public-sector executive on £170,000 per year. But most do come from households that bring home many times the average family income. They come from a class of people for whom it is relatively easy to take activist sabbaticals. They can afford to pause their vegan yogurt-weaving workshops and take to the streets whenever it takes their fancy.

But more damning than that is that the Eco Warriors Extinction Rebellion are funded by George Soros, the machiavellian Billionaire with links to the deep state, the World Economic Forum, Black Lives Matter and the Great Reset.

Through one of his Shill organisation the Open Society Foundation, Soros has poured millions into the Great Reset; BLM; and Extinction Rebellion.

Insulate Britain no more care about insulation than you or me, probably less so. The argument doesn't even make any sense if you stop and think about it. Liam Norton the head-swivelling loony who has become the spokesman for Insulate Britain shouted at Richard Madley on GMTV that if the government didn't insulate every home in Britain that "Thousands of old people will die" presumably he means of the cold which, ironically, global warming would fix. Norton hasn't insulated his own home and says he "doesn't care about insulation", which although saying it like a petulant child is actually the only honest sentence this idiot has uttered.

Were these protests populated by the lower orders, they would be cleared from the roads without hesitation. You only have to witness how the police have treated those protesting lockdowns and vaccine passports to know that, in 21st Century Britain there are 'right' and 'wrong' opinions. If it was Vaccine Passports being protested those engaged in the protests would be charged, sentenced and put behind bars in short order. But the police and the courts are reluctant to use their powers against retired doctors, vicars and the grandchild of a baronet.

Insulate Britain are really Extinction Rebellion, a group whose demands bear a remarkable similarity to the Great Reset, the 'Build Back Better' plan that we are all being subjected to by Governments anyway.

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
22 ott 2021

There is no way Insulate Britain is an organic movement. It just doesn't make any sense. They are being paid by someone...Soros? China? Our own government? Who knows, I'd like to get some of them in a room and find out though.

Mi piace
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