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"Incredibly safe for two people to meet freely" after Covid vaccination: YET STILL ILLEGAL

Jonathan Van-Tam says two jabs offer protection and says at briefing that it is "Incredibly safe for two people to meet freely" yet it is STILL ILLEGAL to do so in England under current UK laws.

Van-Tam's briefing was full of contradictions like this, in fact, the entire thing was a construct of lies, half truths and misdirections. A rather unconvincing slide showed people who now had antibodies split into age groups, meant to prove the effectiveness of the vaccine programme, but contained age-groups that have not been vaccinated yet, right down to 16 year olds. Van-Tam failed to mention this glaring anomaly. It was a 'huge study' according to the fat controller, the result of which showed thousands of young people already have immunity from Covid, how exactly did this happen if they haven't yet had a vaccine? Osmosis? Or is it more likely that a) their immune response is due to the similarity with colds and flu? and nothing whatsoever to do with Covid-19 Or b) is it that the tests they used were giving masses of false positives? Because what we can be certain of is that it is nothing whatsoever to do with the vaccine, whatever the fat controller says.

The chart confirms what Mike Yeadon had stated all along. That around one third of the UK population already have immunity to Covid, and always have, due to its similarity to other Coronaviruses. There, right in the middle of the Government's 'Covid update' is proof, by their very own measures.

It could be argued that those tested and were shown to have antibodies had contracted Coronavirus and that their immune system had naturally produced the antibodies in response, but if that is the argument there is no case for vaccinating children. This chart, remember, was presented as proof of the vaccine's success, but in reality shows it's pointlessness, certainly for young and healthy people.

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