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"Increasing Amount of Violence" Seen as Record Number of Illegal Immigrants Cross Channel in One Day

A record 1,295 illegal immigrants crossed the Channel on Monday, beating the previous daily high by more than 100, according to border agency staff.

In the busiest day of the year, the Royal Navy and Border Force intercepted 27 boats from France, each on average carrying nearly 50 migrants and escorted them to British shores.

That is the largest number since the previous high of 1,185 in November last year and takes the total of migrants reaching the UK past 22,500 so far this year, more than double 2021’s figure. Migrant watch estimate that this is only half the real number, many more escaping detection and landing on Kent beaches and disappearing into the night, off to join the thousands of others invading the country.

The rate of arrivals is double last year and appears to be accelerating, suggesting that internal Home Office estimates that this year could hit 60,000 to 65,000 will prove accurate.

The official narrative is a lie

It has been revealed that the majority of those coming to the UK are not refugees from war torn countries at all, they are merely economic migrants coming here illegally.

'We are getting an increasing amount of violence'

Lucy Moreton, professional officer with the ISU union representing Border Force officers, said the Channel migrants were now predominantly Albanians and warned on Monday that staff were facing increasing violence.

“We are getting an increasing amount of violence. That tends to go with the nationalities. There are a lot of young males. A lot of prison tattoos and prison haircuts. I have had two staff attacked in the last week and three bitten, bruised but no skin broken,” Ms Moreton told the Telegraph.

A leaked intelligence report this month found four in 10 Channel arrivals were Albanians during a six-week period in the Summer as traditional asylum seekers are being replaced by economic migrants. “It has become a very established route,” said Ms Moreton.

Tony Smith, a former director general of the National Crime Agency (NCA), said it was worrying that figures were heading to 1,000 a day, which could force a reassessment of previous estimates of 65,000 this year - double the 28,526 in 2021. “I still don’t see any end in sight,” he said. “There’s nothing really that we can point to and say: ‘We are going to be able to stop this.’ It is quite frustrating.”

Where are the people smugglers?

The narrative that 'evil and callous' criminal gangs are behind the crossings has no basis in reality. Not a single member of a criminal gang has been found to actually exist, not least been arrested and prosecuted. Interpol has never made a single arrest and doesn't even bother looking for these supposed criminal masterminds despite repeated claims that they are behind the trade in people smuggling. Phantom criminal gangs, are in truth, a figment of left-wing NGOs imaginations who want to paint the illegal immigrants as victims.


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