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Hunt Announces 'Economic SAGE' to Provide Government with 'Expert Advice'

'Nudge Unit will almost certainly be involved'

Jeremy Hunt has announced the formation of a new economic council in the House of Commons, a group that is already being called 'Economic SAGE' due to its similarity to the science group who governed the country by de facto during the supposed 'pandemic'.

Hunt is said to have taken control of the government with Truss now powerless to make any changes, with the new Chancellor reversing the entirety of her mini-budget within hours of taking office.

Like original SAGE, 'Economic SAGE' will consist of people who have never been voted into any office, but who will have enormous power over the British people. The new group could very easily cause even more damage to the country as the dodgy SAGE scientists did.

Economic SAGE membership will include Rupert Harrison, who was chief of staff to former chancellor George Osbourne during the austerity era of 2010-2015, and Karen Ward, who advised former chancellor Philip Hammond after Brexit, and now works for investment bank JP Morgan. As yet there has been no announcement about the 'nudge' unit's participation in the new group, but commentators are saying that they will almost certainly be involved.

The panel will also feature two former members of the Bank of England's monetary policy committee: Gertjan Vlieghe, who is now chief economist at US hedge fund Element Capital, and Sushil Wadhwani, chief investment officer for asset management company PGIM Wadhwani.

Announcing the measure in the Commons, Jeremy Hunt said the group will provide "more independent expert advice" to ministers.

Jeremy Hunt became Chancellor just three days ago, yet, if we are to believe the timeline, has conceived the idea, written it's manifesto, appointed it's members and conducted its first meeting, all within 48 hours. Hunt is hardly dynamic, so are we expected to believe that he managed to do all that in just two days? Or, is the more likely explanation that the plan, along with Hunt's appointment, was decided long ago?

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