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How Global Warming Zealots Trick You During Hot Days

Hot days like today, are a God send to Global Warming grifters. This, they say, is a sure sign of climate change, something tangible that proves the climate emergency is real.

The uncomfortableness of a British summer’s day gives us the sensation of climate change, and the Media capitalise on that uncomfortable feeling by repeating that you feel icky because the world is ‘on fire’.

Every report about hot weather on the BBC is punctuated with the climate change mantra, the psyops particularly effective when on a hot day like today.

Computer Models vs Reality

40+ Degrees was a computer model, not what actually happened, but that doesn't matter, the idea was planted in the public's mind and it doesn't matter that reality proved the models wrong (again), today will go down in the minds of joe public as the hottest on record. It wasn't.

It doesn't matter either that independent measurements across the UK registered a peak of just 36 Degrees in Elsfield West London @ 3.11 today. Warm, but nowhere near the claimed 41 degrees the Met Office had claimed. That is a perfectly normal hot summer’s day not a sign of the apocalypse.

Hot days in summer are nothing new.

Toby Young may have hit upon the discrepancy tweeting:

But exaggerating the temperatures is only part of the psyops. Summer temperatures are now shown in the darkest of red in forecast. Note how they used to be displayed not so long ago against the new apocalyptic graphics fed to us now. Ramping up the fear, pushing the narrative, extending the lie.

Bias Reporting

Every record hot day = global warming; Every record cold day = freak weather.

The bias reporting is most blatant when it comes to record breaking. In February 2021 North America experienced one of the coldest winters on record. Many states broke their records for cold temperatures and much of the country was under snow and ice for weeks. These extreme cold temperatures, many new records, were all reported as ‘freak weather conditions’. Northern Europe also experience record cold temperatures in both 2020 and 2021, but these were entirely ignored by the msm as these events definitely didn't fit the narrative.

It's the 'New Covid'

It has long been suggested by some commentators that a 'Climate Emergency' will be the new excuse for lockdowns. It does appear, now Covid is no longer seen as a threat, that a new scare is being created. Weather has gone from being a five minute follow-up after the news to lead story on it. Office workers were advised to 'work from home', rail trips and flights were cancelled and school teachers, ever eager to have a duvet day, closed schools even though they were told to keep them open. It's Covid all over again.

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