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Hospital Gave Captain Sir Tom Moore Covid-19

Captain Sir Tom Moore's family have revealed he only tested positive for coronavirus after his ten-day stay in hospital being treated for pneumonia. The war veteran, 100, had been previously screened for Covid-19, and tested negative.

He was clear of coronavirus in mid December before he flew, for what would be his final holiday to Barbados. Arriving home on January 6 he fell ill with pneumonia and was subsequently admitted to hospital. As is standard for patients, he was tested on entry and was clear, he was routinely tested for Covid-19 throughout his stay and results came back showing he was negative for Covid-19. But by the time he was discharged from hospital on January 22 tests showed he had now caught the disease. At his home in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, he was cared for by family and medics until he had to be taken back to hospital on January 31 by ambulance when he started having breathing difficulties. The next Tuesday, February 2, his devastated daughters Hannah Ingram-Moore and Lucy Teixeira announced he had passed away peacefully.

The BBC have repeatedly framed Sir Tom's death as if another victim of Covid-19, leaving out the salient facts of the case. He contracted Pneumonia, which was what put him in hospital, and in all likelihood he picked up Covid from the hospital.

What is also never reported by the BBC is that NHS hospitals are the biggest vector for the virus. over 30,000 patients in hospitals for other illnesses have contracted the virus whilst there, adding to the NHS's own figures.

It appears from the evidence the family released to the press that Sir Tom was another victim of this phenomenon though the NHS or the BBC will never admit this.

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