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Historian Destroys Climate Change Myth in 3 Minutes

Simon Evans, author of over 70 books and a successful YouTuber, destroys the climate change myth with a simple, but devastatingly effective, trick.

Simon Evans produces one of the most interesting and informative channels on youtube. He regularly debunks current topics and long held dogmas often quickly, simply and with devastating effect.

Evans recently posted a short video about climate change that utterly debunks the now commonly held view. He points out that, scientists have not always believed that the world is warming, and that prior to the 1980s scientists told us that the world was cooling, and that we were on the brink of another ice age.

Yes really.

Evans asks 'Fifty years ago, all the evidence suggested that the Earth was growing cooler and the fear was that a new Ice Age might be approaching. How did this anxiety turn into the present idea that the world is getting warmer?'

His answer is brilliant in its simplicity.

Watch the full video here:

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