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Heathrow Third Runway Blocked As Judges Side With Activists

Judges at the Supreme Court in London today ruled that the expansion of Heathrow was unlawful as it did not take into account Climate Change Commitments made previously by the UK government.

The long-running battle over a proposed third runway was taken to the Supreme Court by Climate Change Activists, Local councils and the Mayor of London. The winning element of their argument was Climate Change with a claim that any Heathrow expansion would be disastrous for the climate, and would mean the government would not meet its target to be carbon-neutral by 2050. Activists from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth were 'ecstatic' at todays decision.

It is unlikely the decision will be contested by Boris Johnson who is on record for his objection to the airport’s expansion. The British Chambers of Commerce, however, said business communities in the UK would be "bitterly disappointed that plans for a world-leading hub airport are now at risk". BCC director general Adam Marshall added. "Without expansion, firms risk losing crucial regional connectivity and access to key markets across the world,"

This case has again brought into question the role of the Supreme Court who appear to be once again meadling in UK politics following their previous controversial intervention of Parliament Prorogation and is set to again anger MPs who voted overwhelmingly for a 3rd Runway in 2018.

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