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Harvard Prof: "People Who Thought Spring Lockdowns Would Work Have All Been Proved Wrong"

A Professor of Harvard Medical School specialising in disease surveillance methods and Infectious disease outbreaks has tweeted that the lesson of 2020 is that lockdowns don't work, and that those who claimed that have all been proved right. This has, inevitably, drawn fire from the lockdown fanatics who, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, refuse to believe they're wrong.

The Tweet was a response to Rupert Beale who, even as a further set of lockdowns were being implemented, was claiming the opposite.

Toby Young, a Lockdown sceptic, said: "there is perhaps, as Professor Martin Kulldorff points out, a small crumb of comfort in the return to national lockdown. The fact that there’s another one shows that the sceptics were right: they don’t work."

However, it isn't just an empty argument that Professor Kulldorff promotes, he has repeatedly highlighted how public health outcomes are about much more than one disease and how lockdowns are causing thousands more non-Covid deaths, whilst at the same time failing to stop the spread of the disease. In perhaps a more telling tweet he says of his fanatical colleagues that they're 'protecting themselves' whilst throwing the very people they purport to save 'under the bus'.

Martin Kulldorff is one of many thousands of voices of professionals who have been opposed to the lockdown fanaticism. Voices eradicated from mainstream media because they question the narrative.

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