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Government Silent Over 9000 Excess Deaths in Just 11 Weeks

There have been 9,422 more deaths than average registered in England and Wales in the last 11 weeks alone.

latest official data shows in the week ending July 8th, there were 928 more deaths than the five-year average (10% above), of which 423 were registered 'with' COVID-19 as a contributory cause and 262 with COVID-19 as the underlying cause, leaving 666 from an underlying cause other than COVID-19.

Were these deaths all from Covid, or climate change, or racism, then you could be sure that technocrats from Whitehall would be issuing statements about their chosen 'reason' for the deaths, but as they likely caused them, they're completely silent. There has been no explanation given, the department of Health who were all over our tv screens because of the hot weather, are less eager to tell us about a real emergency, happening right now.

Website the Daily Sceptic are tracking deaths by date of occurrence and comparing them to the rollout of spring Covid vaccine boosters in England in the over-75s, as there appears to be a correlation.

They report: This week, the odd spike in deaths by date of occurrence in the middle of June got bigger (owing to a backlog of registrations) making the drop in the week ending June 24th more pronounced. Interestingly, deaths rose again in the week ending July 1st rather than continuing to fall, though the drop in deaths by date of registration suggests a sustained downward trend may appear soon. The cause of the spike in non-Covid excess deaths in mid-June is unclear (these are deaths by date of occurrence so it isn’t a registration artefact).

Here is the cumulative curve of excess non-Covid deaths by date of registration along with the cumulative total of spring boosters. The trend in excess non-Covid death registrations appears to be heading downwards now.

The Daily Sceptic go on to say:

..the cause of the deaths appears to be largely related to diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Cancer deaths are, perhaps surprisingly given the withdrawal of healthcare access during the pandemic, broadly at normal levels, suggesting there is something other than lack of access to healthcare going on.

We are more forthright; the deaths are a result of two government decisions: Lockdowns and Vaccines. Two entirely unnecessary diktats that they knew would kill thousands and the very reason for their silence now.

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