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Government Decide: Lockdowns & Masks, and Not Passports 'Just Yet'

Vaccine Passports get shelved so lockdowns, masks, and even more jabs can be mandated this winter.

The announcement by Health Minister Sajid Javid that Vaccine Passports are to be shelved has caused confusion among many in the media, believing that the announcement sees the end to restrictions and that the Pandemic is over.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The winter plan drawn up by SAGE includes full Lockdowns, reintroduction of Mask mandates as well as a FOURTH Covid booster jab. Vaccine Passports, a government idea not a scientific one, have only been shelved, and are likely to re-emerge later this year.

However, Conservative MPs remained wary that the Government was simply pausing its introduction of vaccine passports. Mark Harper, the Chair of the Covid Recovery Group of Tory MPs, said: “They shouldn’t be kept in reserve – they are pointless, damaging and discriminatory.” Another backbencher said: “The very concept of vaccine passports needs to be ruled out for good, as they are fundamentally unconservative, discriminatory and would lead to a two-tier society that I am confident no one actually wants to see.”

Stephen Reicher one of the members of SAGE subgroup Spi-B, admitted to the Guardian that Vaccine Passports weren't scientific-based at all. when discussing their implementation he said: “sadly it’s probably politics” . Commentators have stated that Vaccine Passports will definitely be implemented later in this parliament, because the Government think they're a good idea.

People took to Twitter to warn that things were not as they seem

SAGE are reported to have drafted a series of measures to 'tackle Covid this winter' and Boris Johnson has set his spin doctors to work obfuscating those plans which will be announced on Tuesday. Whilst publically this is being called the "Bonfire of Covid Rules" there will be no actual change to the mindset and intentions of SAGE. The Coronavirus Act is not going to be repealed but extended, and every one of the previous diktats will remain as an option.

Meanwhile Chris Whitty, the psychotic head of SAGE is set to announce the schedule for vaccinating all healthy children in the 12 to 15 year old bracket, totally ignoring the warnings from the JVCI and a major study from the US that warned Teenage boys are SIX TIMES more likely to suffer myocarditis from the Vaccine than being ill with Covid.

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