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Government Change Covid Death Counting, for Third Time, to Make it Look Like Vaccines are Working

Britain's health authorities are once again manipulating the Covid figures, this time to make it look like the vaccines worked.

It's time to fix the figures again. This time, to keep with the narrative, it is important to 'lower' the number of deaths recorded as being caused by Covid. A simple lowering of the numbers will have the effect of making the vaccine look like it is working. The same amount of people will have died either way, but 'adjusting' the way Covid deaths are counted will have the 'miraculous' effect on vaccine efficacy. Or at least the illusion of it.

Vaccine advocates will look back at the data and point at the sudden drop in Covid deaths as 'proof' positive that the vaccine(s) worked. A simple statistical trick will make it appear as if the vaccine programme was a success. That is what is called in the profession as "gaming the data". Fixing the parameters of each dataset (what is included and what is excluded) is the easiest way of making it appear that something has happened when it hasn't. People who will see these data charted-up in years to come will not ask how it was compiled they'll simply see a nice dip in the graph, and, when enough time has passed, the lie will become fact.

This is in contrast to 2020 when deaths were overcounted to a ridiculous extent. In the beginning you only had to have had a positive test at any time prior to dying to be counted as dying from Covid. This sleight of hand made it appear as if thousands were dying from it when they were dying from any number of normal diseases, accidents, or suicides.

This overcounting of covid deaths created a demand for the vaccines with Pharmaceutical companies not only taking the opportunity to make billions in profit once but to create a scenario for multiple vaccines, for the same disease, together with the promise of repeat business forever more.

Now however, there is a need to make it appear as if covid deaths are going down, giving the illusion that the vaccine worked. The new way of counting is only fatalities where coronavirus was mentioned on a death certificates will now be included in the main toll. The previous method was 'death from any cause, within 28 days of a positive test'. Again, the number of people dying is unchanged, only the way they're counted has changed.

The official line from the MHRA is that the new method is a more 'reliable indicator' of the true situation 'at this stage in the pandemic' but admit thousands fewer Covid fatalities will be recorded 'moving forward'.

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