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Google-Search Blacklists Major Conservative Websites in New Censorship Purge

Free Speech is very much a thing of the past as Breitbart, Daily Caller, Human Events & Infowars all disappear from search results.

Google search has blacklisted numerous major conservative websites by removing them from results in what appears to be a major new censorship purge.

Breitbart, the Daily Caller, Infowars, Human Events, Red State are all now missing when a user searches directly for those websites on Some of the sites have small link from their Wikipedia bio on the right hand side, but are absent from main search results. Searches for direct headlines from the same outlets also return either nothing or links to corporate media news stories. We at Vision News have experienced this type of shadow ban which we continue to fight on a daily basis.

It is no coincidence that this purge has happened less than four months before the US presidential election where once again Google is attempting to influence the outcome of it in a direct contradiction to their claim of being non-bias. Back in 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded to claims that staff had gamed search results to display a pro-immigration bias by asserting, “We do not bias our products to favour any political agenda.” and he said that with a straight face. During a subsequent House Judiciary Committee, Pichai again claimed that Google’s policy was non-partisan. With Google apparently blacklisting a raft of major conservative websites, those claims are clearly lies.

We shouldn’t be too shocked however given that during Google’s first all-staff meeting following the 2016 election, the company vowed to do everything in its power to stop Trump winning again.

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