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Germany Sends Nazi Battalion Leopard 1 Tanks to Help Fight Russia

Neo-Nazis to use German tanks on Ukrainian soil to fight Russia in 2023.

The German government has approved the delivery of Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine it has been confirmed. After weeks of hesitation, Berlin last week confirmed it would make Leopard 2A6 tanks available for the Ukrainian war effort, and give partner countries permission to re-export further battle tanks to Kiev, ignoring the optics of German Tanks rolling across Europe again.

The German tanks are being sent directly to Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, now at the forefront of the war against Russia.

The decision by Germany to send tanks to support Ukraine's Nazi regiment comes on the very anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, commemorated by Russia each year for the victory over Nazi forces.

Azov Battalion was formed in 2014 by far-right volunteers who espoused neo-Nazi ideology, support for Hitler's views and carry Nazi insignia on their uniforms. The volunteer battalion has now expanded to a full regiment and is considered Ukraine's elite fighting force.

The Regiment commander is Denys Hennadiyovych Prokopenko, who has repeatedly called for Tanks, Jets, and other heavy weaponry to be supplied to the Azov battalion, with Germany now answering the call with 88 of its Leopard 1 tanks.

Putin has compared German tanks in Ukraine to Nazis sweeping across Europe on Stalingrad anniversary, saying "Once again they are going to war with Russia on the Ukrainian soil with the hands of Hitler's followers."

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