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First 7 Days of Biden Presidency: 28,000 Jobs Lost, 21,000 Covid Deaths But Gender Pronouns Mandated

Joe Biden's first seven days in office have seen record Covid deaths, a presidential order to axe 28,000 jobs and him breaking his own Covid rules, but at least the White House website now asks for your prefered gender pronoun.

Biden has signed a record 33 executive orders in one week, a record for any President, most of them destroying President Trump’s core policies. Amidst claims that he doesn’t even know what he’s signing, he has “issued 33 executive orders, actions, proclamations, memoranda and agency directives,” CNN reports.

In just the first SEVEN DAYS Joe Biden has signed an order to abandon the Keystone XL Pipeline with the loss of 28,000 jobs and an estimated further 48,000 indirect-related job losses; Over 21000 Covid-19 Deaths, though CNN's death-counter mysteriously disappeared the day Biden took office; a 9,000 strong Honduran migrant Caravan that set off the day of his inauguration because of 'promises he made during the election'; resuming hostilities with Iraq and the deployment of thousands more troops being sent back into the region; and Biden breaking his own rules on mask wearing in all public buildings a full 45 minutes after he'd issued it.

But it's ok, among the record death-toll, mass job losses, and potential war in the middle east Joe Biden has made sure that one of his administration’s first acts was to change the White House website to ensure it asked people for their correct pronouns pleasing literally tens of people. We'll all be able to sleep easier in our beds tonight knowing that the the White House will now know our prefered pronoun. What a man! (Sorry: he/ him / twat)

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