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Fears Grow Britain is About to Collapse as Net Migration Hits Record 672,000

18 cities the size of Birmingham will be needed by 2046 as Immigration sets new records.

The headline figures released today are 'truly shocking' says head of Migration Watch UK Alp Mehmet. Reacting to todays news Mehmet said:

"These figures are truly shocking. They will result in intolerable pressure on our housing and public services. The government have abandoned their promises at the last election and have simply caved in to every pro-immigration pressure group.

Indeed net migration is now at four or five times the level of three years ago. If this is allowed to continue, Britain’s population could well soar to about 85 million by 2046. This would be equivalent to 18 new cities the size of Birmingham, and would place an intolerable strain on our land, housing, transportation, and public infrastructure.Apart from the economic pressures brought by this eyewatering net migration figure, how on earth will we integrate the 1.2 million long term migrants arriving every year? It will only add massively to the problem of integrating the millions of migrants already here.

The British people have been utterly betrayed."

According to data released today:

Net migration for the year ending June 2023 was 672,000.

Net migration for 2022 has been revised upwards to 745,000 from 606,000. This is a new record.


  • Net migration from 2011 to 2021 has been revised upwards by 745,000.

  • Work visas in YE June 2023 were up 54% to 586,000.

  • Student visas in YE June 2023 were up 8% to 643,000.

  • Family visas in YE June 2023 were up 117% to 82,000.

Projections released by Migration Watch UK in June found that net migration continuing at 606,000 per year would result in the population growing to 83 million. This would be equivalent to 15 cities the size of Birmingham. An update of that projection based upon today’s data reveals that net migration of 672,000 per year will take the population of Britain to 85 million by 2046, or around 18 cities the size of Birmingham.

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