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FAKE NEWS: Why the Media Can't be Trusted

The lies spread by the media about Covid-19 is huge, but they've always faked stories, so why should we trust them now?

The fake stories, exaggerations and lies that news agencies have relentlessly pumped out for two years about Covid have enabled the biggest medical fraud in history. But they've always been at it, fake news, lies, and propaganda to manipulate the public was being done long before Covid was ever thought of.

Britannica wrote that most news throughout the world came from just three major agencies: the Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse.[4] Millions have been co-opted into the Covid-cult by these three agencies. All three agencies have been mired in lies, and been guilty of falsehoods, fake news and doctored images, long before the Covid 'scamdemic' started. Here's just a few of the fake stories they've sold to us as fact:

Reuters, the 'fact checkers' caught faking news stories.

The self promoting 'fact-checkers' were found guilty of publishing doctored photographs in an anti-Israel campaign during the 2006 Israel–Lebanon conflict. The service used two doctored photos by a Lebanese freelance photographer, Adnan Hajj. In 2010, they were again found to be publishing fake photographs that were doctored by cropping the edges of photos, removing commandos' knives held by activists and a naval commando's blood from photographs taken aboard the Mavi Marmara during the Gaza flotilla raid, a raid that left nine Turkish activists dead. It has been alleged that in two separate photographs, knives held by the activists were cropped out of the versions of the pictures published by Reuters. Reuters said it is standard operating procedure to crop photos at the margins, and replaced the cropped images with the original ones after it was brought to the agency's attention.

Associated Press - Repeatedly faked stories for two decades.

In 2002, an Associated Press reporter, Christopher Newton, who had worked for the organisation since 1994, was found to have been routinely fabricating sources going back years. At least 40 people and organisations. Prior to his firing, Newton had been focused on writing about US federal law-enforcement while based at the Justice Department. Some of the nonexistent agencies quoted in his stories included "Education Alliance", the "Institute for Crime and Punishment in Chicago", "Voice for the Disabled", and "People for Civil Rights".

AP have had a dubious past to say the least: The AP organisation gave the Nazi regime access to its photo archives for its anti semitic propaganda posters. The organisation still appears to hold anti semitic views with repeated and systematic anti semitic propaganda passed off as 'news' during the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Agence France-Presse published stories written by the KGB.

The French News Agency was discovered to have been infiltrated by KGB operatives who reportedly placed fake stories in the French Press to help Russia destabilise the west. The Paris offices of the the news agency was discovered to have at least half a dozen KGB contacts together with two senior KGB officers working in the agency.

These three agencies supply the vast majority of the worlds 'news': Clients are everyone from the BBC to the New York Times. Whatever channel you tune into, or newspaper you read, the stories are always the same, because these three agencies alone cover 95% of the worlds news. All three agencies have signed up to the 'Trusted News Initiative (TNI)'. A government scheme promoting propaganda as fact, and suppressing all descent.


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