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Face Jail for 'False Information' About Vaccines in New Online Safety Bill

Only official information allowed on Vaccines.

People in the UK who post “false information” about vaccines online could face two years in prison under a new law. The Online Safety Bill, described as “the flagship legislation to combat abuse and hatred on the internet” has faced fierce criticism from civil liberties groups for its broad overreach.

The law will create a 'knowingly false communication' offence which, according to the Times, 'will criminalise those who send or post a message they know to be false with the intention to cause “emotional, psychological, or physical harm to the likely audience”. Government sources gave the example of antivaxers spreading false information that they know to be untrue.' Given that authorities have deemed any information about the pandemic and vaccines not from them as “false” this is a chilling prospect.

The bill would also change the current stricter standard of “indecent” or “grossly offensive” content to the much broader definition of “harmful effect” when deciding if a post or a message is criminal. This is the same type of Orwellian technique used in the criminalisation of those who argue against Transgenderism, where previously innocent people who have 'purposefully misgendered' a transwoman (i.e. called them what they really are) have faced prosecution under the equality act and is in line with UK hate speech laws that determine whether an act of hate speech or a “hate incident” has been committed not on the basis of whether or not it actually happened, but on the basis of the supposed victim feeling like they’ve been targeted.

It's "double-plus good"

It will be selectively enforced against people who criticize or make fun of those deemed “oppressed minorities,” despite such groups having the full backing of the state and every cultural institution like Twitter; Google; Youtube; Facebook; and Instagram.

“The new offences will include sol-called “pile-ons” where a number of individuals join others in sending harassing messages to a victim on social media,” reports the Times. And if you think that will stop left-wing mobs who routinely form “pile-ons” against conservatives for expressing dissenting opinions, think again, these will be perfectly fine under the new law as that's the 'right' sort of hate.

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Philip Davies
Philip Davies
04 nov 2021

'False information' is Orwellian NewSpeak, and actually means anything uttered or issued or published that does not accord with Official Government Propaganda. Thus there can no longer be any independent expression of views. Unthinking obedience has become the rule. Moral integrity and conscientious behaviour is now a punishable offence. Democracy and Freedom are now a thing of the past. This Dictatorship has achieved World Domination without a struggle - as moral entities human beings are dead, and we died without a whimper. Resistance is futile. The Thought Police are everywhere. The Elite is Omnipotent, Unaccountable, it's Members our New Gods to whom we must grovel, in perpetuity, for the mere necessities of life. One reflects that it would be astonishing…

Me gusta
Contestando a

The 'elite' is ABSOLUTELY NOT omnipotent. Our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ is omnipotent. He will decide what happens to the 'elite'. This is God's earth, NOT ours, NOT the 'elite's'...............God's earth / world. We inhabit it. He decides...............and He will.................

Me gusta
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