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Emergency Alert System Will Warn of 'Environmental' Threats to Life

System could be used to alert citizens of pollution levels.

The UK Government will test its 'emergency alert' system next month. A siren-like alarm will be sent to all mobile phones as a 'test' of the system. The test is expected to take place on the 23rd April.

It allows the government and emergency services to send urgent messages warning the public of life-threatening situations like flooding or wildfires. The test is expected to take place in the early evening of 23 April 2023.

A message will appear on mobile devices during the test; with a siren, vibration, and flashing screen. The alert will last for 10 seconds and will even trigger if you have your phone set to silent. The system 'locks' the phone when activated with users having to acknowledge the alert before they can use any other features on their device.

The system which became operational of Sunday, is said to allows the government to send urgent messages reportedly to warn the public of what they describe as "life-threatening situations like flooding or wildfires."

According to a statement by officials, the alert system will focus on the most serious environmental revents, with the ability to get a message to 90% of mobile users within the relevant area. Terror, and pandemic alerts will reportedly be added to the list of potential events that would trigger a notification once live.

The messages will include details of the area impacted and instructions about how to respond.

Cabinet minister Oliver Dowden told the BBC the warnings are sent in a "very targeted way" and other than the test, hopes "people will never hear the alert again, or, at least for a couple of months".


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