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Don't Ask Random Strangers if They've Had a Vaccine Unless You Like Being Punched in the Face

This trend of asking others if they've been vaccinated has to stop.

Covidians, not annoying enough already, have taken to asking random strangers they come into contact with if they've been vaccinated.

Yes really.

The belief among these idiots is that people who aren't ill are spreading Covid (they're not); that they are in some mortal danger by coming into contact by an unvaccinated person (they're not) and that they are more important than those around them (they're definitely not) . This leads to many demanding to know if anyone they come into contact with has had the vaccine. It wouldn't occur to them that this is inappropriate, offensive, or risky to their health in a different way.

Why stop there? Why not demand to see their entire medical record? Flu jabs up to date? Other transmissible diseases or how about their mental health status incase someone is a violent schizophrenic. Any criminal convictions (also on the NHS 'health' app) should also be demanded, you can't be too careful after all.

These self righteous bastards appear to be everywhere too, and always the same type, the lefty, woke do-gooders who always claim they're acting for the 'greater good' and not just being a virtue signalling cunt.

If you're a vaccine whore then give me a wide birth, not because you may catch something from me, but because I'm likely to do some unscheduled dental work for you if you do.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jul 26, 2021

Does brain dead Femi always think with his dick ????

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