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'Disease 'X' Will Arrive in 2024'

In the last century we had three global pandemics. Now we are told that another deadly virus is imminent, and, according to experts at Porton Down, Disease X, will be more deadly than Covid ever was. However, 'do not panic', because the boffins in white coats are already preparing a vaccine for it.

British scientists are said to be 'leading the charge' to create a vaccine to halt the next 'deadly pandemic' within 100 days of it breaking out.

Experts are working on a 'high-security' project at Porton Down, the 'top-secret' government laboratory that specialised in bio-weapons during the Cold War, is developing a prototype vaccine to tackle ‘Disease X’ when it hits.

The ambitious target would smash the 362 days it took to develop a Covid jab, with the health security agency suggesting this miraculous speed could help prevent future lockdowns.

Bill Gates has repeatedly warned that there would be another pandemic within the 'next two years', whilst the head of the World Health Organisation Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is on record saying that the next pandemic will be much bigger and more deadly than Covid-19. A recent government report puts the next pandemic among the biggest threats to life this year.

The new super-lab, to which the was invited last week, is geared to work with the world’s deadliest live viruses, with more specialist ‘high-containment’ labs than anywhere in Europe. A British version of the Wuhan Lab which just happened to be just seven miles away from the first outbreak of Covid-19.

Working alongside academics and industry, it is the only site in the UK equipped to create a vaccine from start to finish according to officials. Dr Jenny Harries, head of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), still being a free woman, said "Britain is already primed to launch a ‘very slick and rapid response’ to the next global threat."

This is not the first time a vaccine was made for a virus that didn't exist. On December the 12th 2019, 19 days before the first cases of Covid 19 were reported, Moderna transferred a Coronavirus vaccine sample to the University of North Carolina.

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