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Digital ID Rollout and Mass Data Sharing Agreed for Australia

The 'world leading' national digital ID scheme given green light.

The federal and state and territory digital ministers in Australia have agreed on a deal that would allow sharing of digital ID and credentials in the new national digital ID scheme, according to a report by the Australian Financial Review (AFR).

The agreement will allow the recognition of driver’s licenses and occupational credentials nationally with the data stored in a digital wallet that is in compliance with new 'international standards'.

New South Wales Digital Minister Victor Dominello credited the agreement to federal Finance Minister Katy Gallagher and called it “world leading.” Gallagher said that though states and territories agreed to be included in the national system, it is crucial to provide alternatives to those who do not want to participate, but it is unclear exactly how those would be catered for with the scheme.

The federal government plans to introduce legislation on the new national digital ID scheme by the end of this year. “There is a lot more work to be done and plenty of consultations to undertake, but we understand that as we increasingly rely on digital technology as part of our everyday lives, the government has a responsibility to ensure we can offer a digital ID system that is voluntary, efficient and meets people’s needs and most importantly offers the highest security for their personal information,” Gallagher said.

Digital IDs are being pushed by a number of Western countries, with the UN and WEF behind these plans.


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