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Deliberately “Misgendering” Someone Could be a CRIME Under UK Labour Party Plans

Up to two years for telling the truth.

In a chilling potential restriction of freedom of speech that brings Orwellian thought-crime to mind, it has been revealed that the UK’s Labour party, if they were to secure power, could treat the use of inappropriate gender pronouns as a hate crime—the punishment for which could be as severe as incarceration for two years.

Unbelievably, the plan is an integral part of Labour’s strategy to intensify penalties for 'misconduct against transgender' people. Should these changes come to pass, crimes driven by animosity toward a victim’s gender identity would gain the status of “aggravated offenses.”

This ordinance would level “transphobic” speech with attacks incentivized by racial or religious prejudice, punishable presently with up to a two-year prison term.

Detractors contend this prospective ruling can result in individuals being imprisoned merely for using a transgender person’s former name or identifying them by their birth gender as opposed to their preferred one.

This sobering prospect of penal sentences for misgendering raises several red flags regarding censorship and free speech. Critics argue that the notion of gender identity, and especially valuing it above biological sex, remains contested ground. The implications of these amendments may lead to a situation where not adhering to strict gender pronouns could invite accusations of harassment, or potentially being charged with an aggravated offense.

At hearing the news JK Rowling said she would 'happily do two years in jail' if a future Labour government makes it a hate crime to call someone by 'wrong pronouns'.

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