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Dawn Butler MP: 'A child is born without sex'

You could be forgiven for thinking Dawn Butler was a comedy creation by the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen or Ricky Gervais given some of the hilarious things that the Labour MP has said over the last few years. We have all wondered at times if she's saying the things she does to get a laugh, but the deadpan delivery either means she's a comedy genius or a monumental idiot. It's looking likely it may be the latter.

Butler is Labour's Shadow Equalities Minister and currently standing for the post of Deputy Leader in the upcoming Labour elections and so is doing the rounds of TV and Radio to talk about her ideas for the future of the Labour Party. Last week Butler appeared on Good Morning Britain and was interviewed by Richard Madeley. This was not exactly Nixon v Frost, and a chance, she probably thought, to try out some more of her comedy stylings. Well, this is what we are hoping.

Amongst the usual hollow sloganeering like "Trans women are women" , "Dog Whistles Transphobia" Butler pulled out her A-material with the lines "A child is born without sex’, and ‘A child is formed without sex in the beginning.’

Andrew Doyle (Creator of another Comedy Character that spouts leftist nonsense Titania McGrath) didn't see the funny side of Butler's comments though.

This is not the first time Dawn Butler has said random things you'd be forgiven for thinking were jokes. For instance, in 2019 she told Pink News that ‘Ninety per cent of giraffes are gay’. if this wasn't meant to be a joke then she's got more neck than the Giraffes, Gay or otherwise, because nobody believes that.

But by far the best gag by Butler came in 2009 when she claimed to have been endorsed as the MP for Brent South by none other than the then US President; Barack Obama!

The letter, published on her website said:

"I say to the people of Brent you should have the audacity of hope and when someone asks you can she do it, you respond yes we can" This would have not been particularly funny had whoever wrote it not repeatedly misspelled the president’s name as ‘Barak’.

Long may Dawn Butler's reign continue, as she brings much needed murth to British Politics with her wacky ideas and brilliantly ridiculous one-liners.

Vision News 2020.

Main Photo By Rwendland - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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