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David Lammy's Black and White world

Labour MP David Lammy launched his second book: Tribes, this week. In it Lammy sets out his vision for Britain in the aftermath of Brexit and insists that the cultural divide is due to the evil white man. Part memoir, part ideology ‘Tribes’ is sold on the idea that English ‘Tribalism’ is the root of all evil, yet fills many pages referring to his own ‘tribes’, even taking a DNA test to identify them.

The book is, in reality, filled with the ravings of a bitter individual who ultimately blames everything, either directly or indirectly, on the white man. He clumsily implies that white people are inherently racist and responsible for all the evils of the world, but he rarely says it directly. He likened Brexit to Racism, again, not quite saying what he really means, but the implication was clear. On occasion though, he has gone ‘full retard’ like when he called members of the ERG ‘Nazi’s’.

Lammy, who was a vocal campaigner for a second EU referendum, was asked on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show whether a comparison he made to the election of Adolf Hitler’s party in Germany and to South African white supremacists was appropriate. He replied: “I would say that that wasn’t strong enough. In 1938 there were allies who hatched a plan for Hitler to annex part of Czechoslovakia, and Churchill said no, and he stood alone,” [sic] This is classic Lammy, firstly drawing parallels with Hitler and the Nazis that clearly aren’t there, and secondly associating himself with Churchill when suits, who he’d probably call a racist any other day. Again, not saying anything directly, but the implication is there.

The book appears just a lot of ramblings, rehashed Guardian ideas, and closet racism. You don’t really need to spend £16.99 to understand that Lammy probably hasn’t had an original thought in his entire life and that his blood was long ago poisoned with hatred for white people to the point of obsession. A cursory glance at his Twitter feed will tell you that.

Proceeds of the book may go towards paying off the £5000 court fine Lammy was ordered to pay after he was prosecuted for making 35,000 nuisance calls trying to game the London Mayoral elections which he subsequently lost anyway.

David Lammy’s book Tribes is now available, but save your money.

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