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Covid-1984: Police Drag Man Out of School Board Meeting For Not Wearing a Mask

A video out of South Dakota shows a man being dragged by police out of a school board meeting because he is not wearing a mask.

During a discussion about the school district’s mask mandate, local resident Reed Bender refused to wear a mask after being ordered to do so by Superintendent Joe Graves, who subsequently called the police. Officers attempted to convince Bender to put on a mask but he refused, telling them, “You’re gonna have to drag me out, guys.”

“This is what you are doing, you’re sowing discord within our communities at every level, it’s disgusting,” Bender tells the school board members. He then repeats his assertion that the cops will have to drag him out while another attendee comments, “This is completely absurd…this is an embarrassment to our school.”

The Police then try to drag the man out of the library as he puts up resistance. One of the officers then grabs his taser, to which Bender responds, “You will have to tase me in front of all these people.” “This is insane,” another attendee comments as Bender is removed from the room. “Never in my entire career as a superintendent have I had that happen before,” Superintendent Graves said. “The board said there is a masking mandate and everyone in the school building must wear a mask. We gave the gentleman fair warning of that and offered him a mask. He refused, so the board had to enforce the mandate.”

This follows the Police in Australia violently arresting those deemed to be breaking the lockdown rules. It is interesting that the two countries who put civil liberties and freedom above all else, the United States and Australia, appear to be the same two that are regularly seeing incidents like these. Authorities in South Dekota have not yet commented on the incident.

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