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Covid-19: An Excuse to Usher In a Police State?

'The people will not revolt, they will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening.'

The response to Covid-19 now appears to have no relationship to the illness whatsoever. In case you didn't realise, a Police State was implemented right in front of your eyes last night. Freedom of movement, freedom of choice, freedom to associate, have all been taken away from the British people. Police and councils have been given sweeping new powers to implement the Government's orders, something one commentator likened to a STASI state.

The Police will deploy drones to monitor the public's activity, in a country that is already the most surveillanced in the world. Many of these drones will have face-recognition software to identify you causing any breach of these new rules.

The new authoritarian state is likely to go even further and will implement curfews across the country, the current measures are a stepping-stone to this total countrywide prison. Effectively 68 million people under house arrest. From washing your hands to a Stasi state in less than 4 weeks is an incredible achievement, aided by the state-run BBC whose constant apocalyptic broadcasting has vastly exaggerated Covid-19's potency.

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