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Coronavirus 'Heroes' Demand 15% Pay Rise

Millions of public sector workers are 'shocked' that they will not be rewarded for their support during Lockdown, and will, in fact, face a pay-freeze in 2021. Even 'heroic' NHS staff are 'appalled' at not being 'substantially rewarded' for their work during the year.

Until Rishi Sunak's announcement yesterday, 1.3 million public sector workers were unaffected by the economic emergency and were happy to support lockdowns, however much they destroyed the economy. Teachers in particular who spent months on full pay sitting at home were among those most vocal about keeping the lockdowns going, whilst most recently feigning anger that children 'were at risk' because schools weren't included in the latest lockdown measures.

The Chancellor said he could not "justify" a widespread pay rise for public sector workers while private businesses bore the brunt of the coronavirus crisis. Sunak announced the wages of nurses, doctors and other NHS workers will go up next year to support them after their efforts during the coronavirus crisis, but NHS unions have called the 3% suggested "an insult". Health unions have been seeking a 15% restorative pay rise for their members, believing that their work during the 'pandemic' should be substantially rewarded.

The Chancellor also announced in his statement:

  • The Government is on track to 'dish out' a huge £280bn to get our country through coronavirus this year alone - and £18billion is planned for next year

  • The nation's debt is forecast to continue rising in every year, reaching 97.5 per cent of GDP in 2025-26

  • The economy will shrink by 11 per cent this year - the largest fall for more than 300 years

  • Unemployment will rise to a peak of 7.4 per cent - 2.6million people - by the second quarter next year

Boris Johnson and the Chancellor have also been slammed by unions for a "morally obscene" plan. But the Office for Budget Responsibility has published some astonishing numbers laying out the true scale of the economic disaster the Covid-hysteria have generated.

They warned British borrowing would hit £400billion by the end of the year the most ever borrowed in peace time.

The analysis warned the economy will contract by more than 11 per cent in 2020 - and will still be 3 per cent smaller by 2025. Economic output in the UK has also plunged to the lowest level in 300 years.

in addition to this fabricated disaster, it is now predicted that there will be in-excess of 300,000 premature and preventable deaths due to the fixation on Coronavirus, with one commentator suggesting that, those who continue to support the Government's lockdown policy in light of this evidence, have blood on their hands.

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