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Continuity IRA Brexit Day Bomb Plot Foiled by Police

The Continuity IRA attempted to smuggle a bomb onto a lorry destined for an Irish Sea ferry, timed to go off on the day of Brexit.

The Bomb was discovered after police searches on the Silverwood industrial estate in Lurgan, County Armagh. The bomb had been attached to a refrigerated trailer belonging to a haulage firm based on the site. It is believed the Continuity IRA (CIRA) planned to smuggle the bomb across the Irish Sea on a ship destined for Scotland and would then be transported to an unknown location in England for detonation on the day the UK left the EU.

Det Supt Sean Wright said the images “demonstrate the sheer recklessness” of those behind the plot. He continued: “Today I am releasing two photographs of the device found attached to a heavy goods vehicle in the Silverwood Industrial Estate. These images clearly show the explosive device attached to the lorry. They also demonstrate the sheer recklessness of those who knowingly put the driver, road users and the wider public at risk of death or serious injury.”

Vision News Online

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